Rhyme Clipboard

Rhyme Genie’s clipboard fulfills two functions. You can copy desired rhyme mates in sequential order by tapping/clicking on them in the browsing window.

Alternatively you can display an artist's name associated with a hit song inside the clipboard's window.

Tap/click on the note icon to the right of the clipboard and then tap/click on the entry in the browsing window marked as a song title (printed in italics).

Tap/click on the entry multiple times to reveal the names of additional artists for song titles that entered the charts more than once.

The clipboard will revert to its default function of displaying copied rhyme mates when you click on the note icon once gain.

Tap/click on the button with the minus sign to clear Rhyme Genie’s entire clipboard. Your computer device’s clipboard will remain unaffected.

Tap/click on the copy button to transfer the collected items from Rhyme Genie to your computer device’s clipboard. Use the paste command of your word processor or operating system to subsequently paste them into the document of your choice.

The setup screen offers the option to copy all clipboard entries into the clipboard of your computer device in a format that can be pasted into Song One or TuneSmith®.

Tap/click on the button with the eye icon to show or hide an expanded view of Rhyme Genie’s clipboard.

The expanded clipboard will appear with a transparent background in an area of the screen where the similarity in sound and multi-syllabic buttons are located. All partly hidden buttons remain active and can still be tapped/clicked on while the expanded view of the clipboard is shown.

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