Will I be able to get a new activation code with my old serial number issued for Rhyme Genie 1-4?

Legacy Windows and Mac version:

An old unused serial number that was purchased for the activation of Rhyme Genie 1-4 remains valid for one (1) activation on any computer.

Furthermore, if Rhyme Genie 1-4 is currently running on a particular computer fully unlocked you may also request a new activation code for Rhyme Genie 5 or higher free of charge.

Simply execute a new license request with your old serial number. Once we have verified your eligibility we will issue one (1) new activation code that will allow you to run Rhyme Genie 5 or higher on the same computer.

If your current activation code does not work anymore and you do not have an unused old serial number, please take advantage of our offer to purchase a new serial number for $7.95. Unlike the old serial number a newly purchased serial number will allow you to request up to three (3) activation codes to run the program on different devices.

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