Rhyming Dictionaries

You can limit or expand your search results by choosing a desired rhyming dictionary. Click on the arrows to the right of the search field and select one of the options.

The Songwriter Dictionary was compiled from more than 100 million words in over 600,000 song lyrics. It will allow you to focus only on words typically used in lyrics, phrases that feature these words and all titles of charted songs.

Go to the settings screen to (de-)select the option to have only rhyme mates displayed that are commonly found at the end of song verses.

The Basic Dictionary features approximately 16,000 of the most commonly used words in the English language.

The Standard Dictionary has close to 46,000 common words. This dictionary is very useful when using the intelligent rhyme or when searching for near rhymes. It will keep rhyme matches from ballooning into large lists while giving you inspiring rhyme options.

The Extended Dictionary with a little over 95,000 entries expands on the Standard Dictionary while still concentrating on words any audience of your songs or poetry can appreciate.

The Unabridged Dictionary with over 300,000 entries is the ultimate reference for the advanced wordsmith. Whether you want to find all matching phrases, proper nouns and charted songs or are looking for more unique rhyme mates this extensive dictionary will find them.

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