The iOS version of Rhyme Genie is a separate purchase exclusively available on Apple’s App Store. As a universal app it is compatible with a number of iPads, iPhones and iPods while offering all the features of the desktop version.

Purchases are validated by Apple and do not require an activation code. You may run the app on all compatible iOS devices linked to your Apple ID.

Apple adds a purchase receipt when you download and install the app. Rhyme Genie may ask you to sign in with your Apple ID if the purchase receipt is not found.

Sign in to automatically retrieve the missing receipt from the App Store and wait for the app to resume its launch procedure. If Rhyme Genie remains unresponsive for more than 10 seconds you may:

System Requirements:

iPhone, iPad or iPod

iOS 10.3.2 (or higher)

1.4 GB storage space

iOS specific notes:

  • A wireless connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) is not required for the use of the iOS version of Rhyme Genie.

  • Rhyme Genie does not have to be synchronized via iCloud if the app is installed on multiple iOS devices.

  • Rhyme Genie will automatically be suspended by iOS when it is not running in the foreground. iOS may purge a suspended app to make more memory available for the foreground app. Rhyme Genie may perform a brief ‘consistency check’ upon re-launch to clean up free blocks and ensure the file remains compact. This is a maintenance precaution and should not be cause for concern.

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