A new wordfilter with over 100,000 parts of speech has been added:

To allow for more precise searches you can now activate a filter that will hide all entries that do not belong to a selected category. Selectable categories include nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

An index for all abbreviations of the Webster's dictionary has been created:

When using the dictionary you can now look up the meaning of any abbreviation in a dedicated drop down menu. Jump to a certain definition by typing the first letter(s) of its abbreviation while the menu is selected.

The user interface has been redesigned for improved performance; customization options have been added:

You are now able to change the look of the rhyming dictionary with several different backgrounds; you can also choose to display all text on white background for better readability. All graphic elements have been optimized to achieve a much faster response time.

A few incorrect rhyme references have been fixed:

  • Corrected: a few capitalization errors

  • Changed: all phrases that did not interpret the symbol '&' as 'and' to include it in the total number of syllables

The rhyming dictionary has been expanded:

With over 4000 new additions the total number of entries is now 306,588.

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