Multi-Syllabic Button

When the multi-syllabic option is on, the button will illuminate and the intelligent rhyme will display rhyme mates that match two or more syllables whenever possible. Polysyllabic rhyme mates are indicated by a green-colored multi-syllabic button. If the search word offers only monosyllabic rhyme mates, the multi-syllabic button will turn red.

The symbol in the center of the multi-syllabic button will inform you whether the search word is feminine or masculine. The gender classification depends on how the syllables of the search word are stressed. Masculine words have the stress on the last syllable. Feminine words have the stress on the second to last syllable or prior.

Since rhymes share the same stress pattern only feminine words will have polysyllabic rhyme mates. Tap/click on the multi-syllabic button to switch it off whenever you wish to rhyme only the last syllable of a feminine search word. The multi-syllabic button will turn gray.

In addition to identifying the search word's gender Rhyme Genie also distinguishes between primary and secondary stress in words. This allows Rhyme Genie to find near rhymes with greater accuracy and provides you with more control over the search results when using the similiarity in sound option.

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