Part Of Speech

The wordfilter allows you to omit entries that do not belong to the selected part of speech. It offers over 130,000 parts of speech consisting of roughly 84,000 nouns, 18,000 adjectives, 23,000 verbs and 5,000 adverbs. The current selection is indicated by its abbreviation in the filter’s display.

Tap/click on the arrows of the wordfilter to select the desired part of speech.

Use the button with the filter icon to quickly turn the last selected wordfilter on or off.

To grant the wordfilter access to all rhyming dictionary entries it is highly recommended to select the unabridged rhyming dictionary whenever the filter is used.

The wordfilter is active when searching for all types of rhymes and when searching for exact word matches. It will not affect search results when using the Webster's dictionary and the traditional thesaurus.

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