Support for heteronyms has been added:

Heteronyms are words that have the same spelling but different meaning and pronunciation (e.g. "live for the day" and "live action" or "tear apart" and "tear drop"). A word that is recognized by the rhyming dictionary as a heteronym will display a number in the far right of the search box to indicate the current pronunciation selection. Clicking on the number will change the phonetic interpretation of the search word and show rhyme mates that match the new pronunciation.

Empty rhyme mate lists have been eliminated by optimizing the intelligent rhyme algorithm and redesigning the multi-syllabic function:

When the multi-syllabic option is off, its button will be gray and the intelligent rhyme will display final syllable rhymes and corresponding near rhymes that match in their last syllable. When the multi-syllabic option is on, the button will illuminate and the intelligent rhyme will display rhyme mates that match two or more syllables whenever possible. A green light indicates that the displayed rhyme mates are indeed multi-syllabic perfect rhymes or corresponding near rhymes. A red light signifies that the search word does not rhyme with any other multi-syllabic word. In this case the rhyme mates will be either monosyllabic perfect rhymes or final syllable rhymes and their corresponding near rhymes, depending on the accent of the search word.

The handling of proper nouns has been improved:

You can now find rhyme mates for most proper nouns without capitalizing the search word. The exception is entries that have capitalized letters in any other position than the first, like acronyms (AOL), certain phrases (non-American) and certain last names (McDonald). This new feature is achieved through a character substitution formula that only examines the first letter of any given entry to preserve Rhyme Genie's speed.

A number of bugs have been fixed:

Words that are exported with the rhyming dictionary's clipboard can now be pasted into the program of your choice either in the order they were entered or in the order they are displayed in Rhyme Genie's main window.

A glitch that produced incorrect rhyme mates for a number of words has been fixed. The glitch occurred during the initial look up of the search word and therefore affected all rhyme types. A few examples of the type of words that were affected by the bug are raw, saw, flow, laws, law, bow, how, etc.

A rare interface bug that displays the feminine or masculine symbol in every word field has been fixed. The issue could occur when moving the mouse over the similarity in sound bar while simultaneously clicking on the mouse button.

A decoding error that prevented the proper validation of certain serial numbers has been fixed.

Whenever the search word started with a vowel the rhyming dictionary could show entries that would by definition be repetitions instead of rhymes (e.g. a perfect rhyme search for 'all' would return 'after all, all in all, above all'). This issue has now been fixed.

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