The rhyming capabilities of the intelligent rhyme have been dramatically enhanced:

By distinguishing between primary and secondary stress in words Rhyme Genie's intelligent rhyme now finds more near rhymes with greater accuracy.

A special Songwriter Dictionary has been added:

Compiled from more than 100 million words in over 600,000 song lyrics the new Songwriter Dictionary allows you to focus exclusively on words typically used in lyrics.

The number of parts of speech has been increased to 130,000:

With 30 percent more references the wordfilter now offers more than 84,000 nouns, 18,000 adjectives, 23,000 verbs and 5,000 adverbs.

The rhyming dictionary has been expanded:

  • Added: 7400 new rhyming dictionary entries

  • Corrected: a few erroneous entries

  • Reclassified: all entries of the Basic Dictionary

The user interface has been improved:

  • Corrected: a few minor interface glitches

  • Revised: a number of visual interface elements

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