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The iPad version of Rhyme Genie 10.1.4 (or higher) may be swiped in and out of view in a Slide Over window. This enables you to quickly look up rhyme mates when using a writing app (e.g. Song One):
In iOS 13 & 14 Rhyme Genie instantly looks up rhyme mates for words copied to your device's clipboard when sliding into view. (You may disable this features in Rhyme Genie's setup screen.)
In iOS 15 words copied to the device's clipboard are not automatically pasted into Rhyme Genie's search field when the app slides into view. To look up rhyme mates for a copied word tap on Rhyme Genie's search field and select 'Paste'.
Alternatively you may look up rhyme mates by typing a word into Rhyme Genie's search field and pressing the 'Next'/Return button of the device's keyboard.
To open Rhyme Genie in a Slide Over window:
    Drag and drop Rhyme Genie's app icon into the dock of your iPad.
    Open your writing app (e.g. Apple's Notes app) in full screen mode.
    Swipe up from the bottom edge of your iPad and pause to reveal the dock.
    Tap and hold Rhyme Genie's app icon and drag it to the right side of the screen.
Hide the Slide Over window by swiping it to the right.
To instantly look up rhyme mates in iOS 13 & 14 ...
    select the word in your writing app,
    tap on 'Copy' in the pop-up menu,
    swipe Rhyme Genie into view by swiping inward from the right edge of the iPad.
Note: Your device's clipboard will automatically be emptied once the rhyme mates have been presented.
If a phrase is copied to your device's clipboard the last word will be used as the search word.
See Rhyme Clipboard to learn how to transfer rhyme mates from Rhyme Genie to your writing app.
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