A new activation code allows for more flexibility:

Rhyme Genie 5 can be run from any external hard drive or flash drive. The new activation code continues to work even after the main hard drive of the computer has been changed. All serial numbers issued prior to Rhyme Genie 5 remain valid. Previously issued activation codes can be upgraded free of charge provided they are still valid on your particular computer system. If a previously issued activation code is not valid anymore, please take advantage of our offer to purchase a new serial number for $7.95. Unlike the old serial number a newly purchased serial number will allow you to request up to three (3) activation codes to run the program on different devices.

iPhone and iPad users can now run Rhyme Genie on their mobile devices:

The iOS version of Rhyme Genie is an exact clone of the desktop version, albeit without the demo mode. To achieve comparable performance you will have to run Rhyme Genie on an iPhone 5, an iPad 4 or an iPad Mini. Rhyme Genie will run on older models at slower speeds. However, earlier iPhone models are not recommended since Rhyme Genie's graphic interface has been optimized for the larger screen size of the iPhone 5.

Rhyme Genie's interface has been refined:

The graphic user interface has been updated to take advantage of Apple's new high resolution Retina Display and allows improved rendering on Windows PCs.

Lists of rhyme mates are now scrollable when you simply hover over the desired rhyme portal and slide your fingers over the computer's trackpad. The existing slider has been updated to indicate the length of each rhyme mate list in addition to showing your current position.

Rhyme mates can be displayed in a variety of font types and sizes. A redesigned minimized window allows for precise control of the number of syllables displayed in its rhyme portal while the tab key can now be used to quickly jump into the search field to look up words.

The rhyming dictionary has been expanded:

More than 15,000 new entries have been added to the rhyming dictionary including over 5000 traditional proverbs and major country hit songs of the last 50 years. The total number of entries now exceeds 327,000 while the phonetic references have grown to ten and a half million.

The syllable-matching thesaurus has been expanded:

Over 110,000 new entries have been added to the syllable-matching thesaurus. Syllable-matching synonyms can now be looked up whenever the traditional thesaurus is selected.

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