Why does Rhyme Genie find fewer perfect rhymes than my printed rhyming dictionary?

Since Rhyme Genie distinguishes between primary and secondary stress in words it offers greater accuracy than traditional rhyming dictionaries. Traditional rhyming dictionaries group perfect rhymes with light rhymes (uneven rhymes). Rhyme Genie offers you greater flexibility by distinguishing between the two.

The advantage of Rhyme Genie's accuracy becomes clear when lowering the similarity in sound of the Intelligent Rhyme by tapping on the squiggly equal sign. This expands the search results to include all of the rhymes listed in the printed versions of traditional rhyming dictionaries and allows you to find an even greater variety of rhymes not found in other reference works.

If you select the Perfect Rhyme rather than Rhyme Genie's uniquely powerful Intelligent Rhyme you are missing out on this feature.

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