A unique thesaurus with syllable-matching synonyms has been added:

Whenever you see a plus sign inside the magnifying glass you can access a new thesaurus with over 420,000 synonyms. Clicking on the plus sign will reveal a list of words that are not only related to the search word but also share the same number of syllables. Click on any entry from the list to replace the current search word or hide the list again by clicking on Rhyme Genie's background.

The existing dictionary and thesaurus have been redesigned:

You can now see more synonyms at a glance with a refined thesaurus that groups synonyms of equal word length. Quickly look up definitions in the dictionary & thesaurus by holding the control key and alt/option key while clicking on any rhymes. Jump back to the previously selected rhyme by clicking on the arrow inside the right corner of the dictionary’s search field. You may choose to highlight all entries defined in the dictionary in the setup screen.

The user interface has been refined:

You can now navigate with greater ease with new pop-up menus. Easily replace the current search word with any dictionary entry by clicking on the entry while holding the control key. Microsoft Windows users will benefit from flicker-free screen redraws and improved boot-up time.

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