(uneven rhyme)

Traditionally light rhymes are word pairs that match accented final syllable words with unaccented ones. A light rhyme requires the words to have different sounds prior to their matching syllables while ending with the same consonant and vowel sound combination.

frog > backlog / groundhog / demagogue

ring > stunning / persuading / abolishing

seizure > sir / concur / connoisseur

While Rhyme Genie follows these guidelines to find traditional light rhyme it expands the list of possible candidates by including rhyme mates that have phonetically similar but not necessarily identical vowel sounds.

This greatly improves the usefulness of this type of rhyme and makes it an excellent companion to the perfect rhyme or last syllable rhyme. If the latter two won't create desirable rhyme mates the light rhyme can offer alternative matches while still staying in close phonetic proximity.

For dictionary entries with multiple words Rhyme Genie always matches the final word of the phrase. To find only single words simply deselect the phrases, proper nouns and charted songs options.

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