(rime riche, identical rhyme)

An agreement in sound not only of the last accented vowel and any succeeding sounds but also of the consonant preceding the last accented vowel.

new / knew / canoe / renew

plate / slate / relate / demodulate

Like a perfect rhyme it requires both the search word and all rhyme mates to have the same stress pattern. In addition it may also consist of homographs (words with identical spelling and pronunciation but different meaning as in fair/fair) or homophones (words with identical pronunciation but different spelling as in write/right).

Should the search word and mates consist of single word pairs Rhyme Genie will not display simple repetitions (words with identical spelling, pronunciation and meaning). In phrases, however, repetitions are included since they are enhanced by prior words (fair / play it fair).

For dictionary entries with multiple words Rhyme Genie always matches the final word of the phrase. To find only single words simply deselect the phrases, proper nouns and charted songs options.

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