Activations (Mac/Windows)

One (1) serial number issued for Rhyme Genie 5 (or higher) allows you to get up to three (3) activation codes to run the program on different computers with unlimited free updates for the life of a computer.

Register TuneSmith on as many computers as desired free of charge with the same serial number issued for the Windows or Mac version of Rhyme Genie.

If you have misplaced your activation code simply execute an additional license request on your existing computer to receive a copy of the previously issued code.

A new activation code will only be issued if the computer has changed.

Please note that an activation code is linked to a specific computer and cannot be transferred. Should you desire to activate Rhyme Genie on more than three computers please take advantage of our offer to purchase additional serial numbers for $7.95 each. With a newly purchased serial number you will be able to request three more activation codes.

This licensing structure has not only allowed us to provide all of our users with major free updates since Rhyme Genie 1.0 but also makes the initial purchasing costs of our software a much lower investment than the software products offered by our competitors.

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