(true rhyme, pure rhyme or complete rhyme)

A pair of words in which the accented vowels and all succeeding sounds are identical while the sounds preceding the accented vowels differ.

be / free / debris / guarantee

later / waiter / translator

lightening / frightening / brightening / tightening

pleasurable / measurable

Rhyme Genie examines the stress pattern of the search word to find only equally stressed rhyme mates. It distinguishes between 4 different types:

single rhyme - a rhyme with accent on the final syllable (be / free).

double rhyme - a rhyme where the accent is on the second-to-last syllable followed by an unaccented syllable (later / waiter).

triple rhyme - a rhyme where the accent is on the third-to-last syllable followed by two unstressed syllables (brightening / tightening).

polysyllabic rhyme - a rhyme where the accent is on or prior to the fourth-to-last syllable followed by three or more unstressed syllables (pleasurable / measurable).

For dictionary entries with multiple words Rhyme Genie always matches the final word of the phrase. To find only single words simply deselect the phrases, proper nouns and charted songs options.

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